Electronic Cigarettes and Kids’ Flavors

I keep some Skittles in my desk drawer.  My father-in-law always keeps Milky Ways close by.  My wife always has a box or two of Sour Patch Kids hidden away in her office.  What does that say about us?  It says that we enjoy different flavors of candy, food, and even, electronic cigarettes!


With the popularity of e-cigarettes increasing, so are the “haters”. A lot of people take everything the media says as fact. They rely on their newspapers or news radio to give them the correct information, the real truth. Well, when news reporters talk about e-cigarettes, people listen. A lot of people have talked about how e-cigarette companies make fun flavors to that will “specifically” appeal to kids. I’m here to tell you that is not valid.  Sure, kids might sneak a real smoke now and then.  And, kids might want to try and e-cigarette too.  It’s been going on for years.

Now I won’t argue with the fact that kids like flavors. But let’s be real here. Adults like flavors too (as clearly shown by my family and most in America). At the Chicago City Council hearing on a proposed e-cigarette ordinance, several “experts” in support of the ordinance testified that e-cigarette makers produce fun flavors for the purpose of luring children in. They said with flavors like “grape” and “watermelon”, it’s obvious that e-cigarette companies want to sell their products to kids. So at what point do people stop liking flavors?  The reason they are promoting multiple flavors is because the e-cigarette adult consumer with disposable income is enticed to try them and multiple sales are made.  Why are there about 4 or 5 different types of Cheerios?  More sales.

Do they realize how dumb that sounds? I mean really. Michael Haynes, testified in opposition to the e-cigarette ordinance and said to the Council members “try and tell me you don’t know one adult who doesn’t like gummy bears.” Good point Michael!

In an article that Huffington Post published yesterday, Bechara Choucair, M.D. Commissioner of Chicago Public Health said “Big Tobacco claims they don’t use these flavors to market to youth. But look closer and the truth is easy to see. Phillies Sugarillo Cigarillos are advertised with the tagline, “when sweet isn’t enough.”

Go ahead and talk about cigarettes all you want, just don’t equate them to electronic cigarettes. This is something you need to understand. E-cigarettes are NOT tobacco cigarettes. They are totally different, and people really need to understand that before they can make any kind of judgement and comparison.

Here’s the thing. There are 45 million smokers in America. E-cigarettes were created to give adults an alternative to traditional smoking. That right there is a large enough market for e-cigarette companies. We don’t want or need to find a new demographic. Especially children. It just doesn’t make sense. E-cigarettes are for adult smokers. Period. Anyone who thinks differently is just trying to find a reason not to like e-cigarettes. Well, drawing the conclusion that “e-cigarettes are bad only because they make flavors that kids like” is not a good reason to condemn them.  Electronic cigarettes are here to stay.  Someday soon, they will likely be regulated by the government but they will not go away.  And, a little (just a little please) government regulation would be a GOOD thing.